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Sound Meter - Measure noise and sound level or measurement of sound pressure level (SPL) in decibels (dB)

It uses your built-in microphone to measure environmental noise decibels (dB) and show a value for reference. Now you can easily measure the current level of environmental noise. A loud noise will be harmful for both your physical and metal health. You should avoid exposure to those environment. Let our Sound Meter to measure environmental noise,and protect your and your family's health.


1. Indicates decibel by gauge.

2. Display the current noise reference.

3. Display min/avg/max decibel values.

4. Display decibel by graph line.

5. Display elapsed time of decibel.

6. Set warning for high decibel.

7. Show measurement histories.


1. Microphones in most devices are aligned to human voice and the maximum values are limited by the hardware. Therefore the maximum value is LIMITED by manufacturers, and very loud sound(90+ dB) may not be recognized. Please use it as an auxiliary tool.


The free version can use up to 15 days and will display AD.